Introduce yourself to the Avajunto Community

Once registered, create your unique Mastermind Membership profile.

Easy to set up, the information in your profile will be used by other members to decide whether they will get in touch with you, or ask you to join their Mastermind Group.

When they get in touch with you:

  • Check their profiles or that of the group they facilitate.
  • If you accept their invitation you automatically become a member of their Group.
  • Bear in mind that Membership of any Group may be subject to its own specific terms and conditions.

Take part in Avajunto Mastermind Groups

As an Avajunto Member, you can ask to join a Group. Or choose to create one yourself, see ‘Avajunto Group Facilitators/Owners’ below.

Within the Avajunto Group environment, you will have full access to its own private forum.

The Forum is where you will receive peer to peer help support and mentorship.

Of course, all Mastermind Group Members can see each others’ forum messages and you can communicate privately with each other via private messaging, see “Communicate with other users with our messaging tool” below.


Avajunto Group Facilitators/Owners

Facilitators of Mastermind Groups can search for people to join their Mastermind Group.

As long as a name has not already been taken, your group can be called whatever you want (nothing rude or risqué of course).

Avajunto Group Facilitators and Owners may provide other mentoring or coaching services. The group space can be used to promote these activities.


Communicate with Other Users
with our Messaging Tool

The messaging tool is used to send a private message (PM) to fellow Members.

Of course, a PM between individual Members will not be seen by Members not included in the communication or in any forum.

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